Sunday, October 28, 2012


November 16-18
Thomasville, Ga

"Featuring 65 of the best sporting and wildlife artists in one location"

I am honored to have been chosen to show my work at PWAF!

Why Thomasville, Ga?

It all began in the great cities of America's northeast and midwest. During the winters in the late 1870's,  zero temperatures and snow prompted the powerful and prominent families to yearn for the warmth of the south.  The Vanderbilts and the Goodrichs were two such families.  Because the railroad line ended in Thomasville, two large posh hotels were built to accommodate the new tourists.  Pastimes included fancy dress balls and extravagant shopping.  Glen Arvin Pleasure Park opened on the outskirts of town to show off the beautiful natural setting and the abounding wildlife.  Golf, tennis, cycling, and horse related activies became popular.  Bird hunting developed into a precise science with an intricate social etiquette.  Picnicking developed into an elaborate social occasion.  Some loved it so much that they bought the old and financially suffering cotton plantations. The nineteenth century agricultural estates became the shooting plantations of the twentieth century.  Magnificent winter residences were built. It was in this rich and celebrated backdrop that art came to Thomasville.  Robert P. Crozer (1954-2007) and Margo Bindhardt (1942-2011) are credited with creating PWAF to continue a long and cherished artistic tradition in Thomasville.