Sunday, October 20, 2019


Purpose of this blog is to explain process I use to create high quality posters on Redbubble.
I consider my posters to be a hybrid - somewhere between my original paintings and digital art. 
My goal is to make my poster look exactly like my painting.

#1     I paint an original image on watercolor paper using Chinese watercolor and Ink with Chinese Brush.

#2     I personally photograph my completed painting. For larger paintings, I photograph in two sections.

#3     I remove memory card from camera and insert memory card into my computer.

#4     I open image(s) in Adobe Photoshop.

#5     I manually clean up entire image background. For two images, I “stitch” them together in Photoshop before cleaning background. 

#6     I adjust lightness/darkness/color to match original painting.

#7     I add digital signature.

#8     Depending on design shape and location of signature, I adjust image and signature to fit other non-poster products (cellphone cases for example).

#9     I upload finished digital files to Redbubble.

#10   I adjust images to fit each Redbubble product.

#11   To create products with different background colors, I repeat Steps #10 and #11 and add color background in Redbubble.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

John Linehan CEO Zoo New England Talks About Saving Animals

I've recently joined Zoo New England. I am deeply interested in wildlife conservation. I have been ever since I was a small child. The video below is a talk given by John Linehan about how anyone at any age can become involved in wildlife conservation.