Thursday, November 16, 2023



"Heron No. 10"

Always Ask

Which Glass is it?

Museum Glass

(Smaller Pieces)

Strength & Clarity

Blocks 99% UV Rays

Conservation Acrylic

(Larger Pieces)

Blocks 99% UV Rays

Shatters/Scratch Resistant

Custom Framing

Call Charleston's Best: Artizom


Thursday, November 2, 2023


"Parakeet No. 4"


No  Nests

Nest in Cavities

Diet:  Mostly Seeds

In Wild - Live in Flocks 

Captivity - Happy in Pairs 

Few Predators – Large Flock

Have Largest Bird Vocabulary

No Vocal Cords – Lots of Sounds

Make Sounds to Warn of Predators

Make Sound to Advertise Food Source

Lifespan:  Wild 5-10 yrs  Captivity  20+ yrs

Zygodactyl: 4 Toes: 2 Face Front – 2 Face Back

4 Toes Per Foot Enable Grabbing – Holding – Climbing

Sexes Look Alike  Breeding: Sex Differentiated by “Cere”

“Cere”: Fleshy Covering Located Directly Above the Beak

Most Males Have Bright Blue Cere  

Most Females Have Brown Cere