Sunday, October 9, 2011


I humbly dedicate my very first post to the Charleston Art Walk held on October 7.  It is there that I discovered my new favorite artist.  As I wandered through the shoulder to shoulder crowd at the Robert Lange Studio on Friday night, I was totally taken aback by the amazing array of art located throughout this electric gallery.  It was when I had reached the rear wall of the gallery that I was particularly struck by a painting entitled "Absence" by Charles Williams.  I just discovered that Charles grew up in Georgetown, South Carolina, just a few miles north of where I grew up.  The marshes and the waters are uniquely beautiful and pristine in both areas.  Charles truly captured the essence of my childhood surroundings in this painting.  From a few feet away I was amazed.  I was then drawn closer to the driftwood on the Low Country beach so typical of scenes I fondly remember on Bull Island.  I was drawn even closer to follow the drips of paint that seemingly fall off the edge of the canvas and to see the brush strokes suddenly disappear into the bottom of the white canvas.  Charles' highly acclaimed technique gently reminds me that this actually is a painting and, at the same time, reveals the colors used.  Upon returning home, I eagerly checked out the Robert Lange website where I happily discovered that Charles William II is going to have a solo show on December 2, after which time his work will be on exhibit through December 31.  I will definitely consider this an early Christmas present!  Thank you, Mr. Williams!

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  1. Christina, these are absolutely beautiful. I am so proud of the talented young woman you have become. Keep me posted as to your new projects. I predict a great future for you and I can't wait to watch it all unfold.
    Much love,
    JoAnn Jarman