Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I had the time of my life!!!
 My friends
are so, so sweet!
Thank you all for coming!
My fellow artists at the Francis Marion
 immediately and tenderly took me under their wings.
 I am humbled by their generosity, sweetness, and talent.
Madeline Dukes            Pat Fosberg
Alice Ann Dobbin         Linda Rorer
Capers Cauthen             Kellie Jacobs
Sheryl  Stalnaker         Vicki Robinson
Susan Colwell               Kathy Clark
The SEWE staff
was outstanding!
A huge project appeared effortless.
 Natalie Wooten
 Beth Huggins
The supportive attendees
were art lovers, artists, and children
from all over the world.
A few dogs even came.
The sales, commissions,
and invitations to future exhibits
were all icing on my cake!
I got to meet Jack Hanna at the Gala!

The fabulous Matthew Reindollar, drummer in Madam Adam, graciously came by to visit. 

Local Artists

Artist Kathy Clark
Artists Sheryl Stalnaker and Madeline Dukes

My Fans!

These are two cool chicks!
Business woman, Marie-Paule McNeice and Stacey Gould of B Gould Jewelry (designer of Charleston Gates jewelry)


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