Thursday, December 20, 2012

Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival

Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival
Thomasville, Georgia
November 16 -18, 2012

 Thomasville, Ga. was lovely!  The festival staff was truly extraordinary and charming. The opening gala was held amidst the art on the three lavishly and tastefully decorated floors of the Thomasville Center for the Arts.   An astounding array of lush greenery, lighting, food, spirits, and music set the tone.  The magic continued through the next night at Pebble Hill Plantation which was located just outside of town.  A tour of the home and the stunning art gallery on the second floor turned into a dinner party with oysters and live bluegrass music in the large courtyard between the absolutely exquisite plantation house and the charming carriage house.  The temperature was perfect. Under the massive moss draped oaks and huge balls of light that seemed to magically hang from the sky, new friendships began.  Everyone in attendance was equally in awe of the magic of the event.   It seemed as though every Thomasville resident was focused on supporting their treasured arts festival and were delighted to welcome you to town.  The artists were treated like family. It was truly a “FIVE STAR” extravaganza.
Amidst the beauty and charm, artists showed their art for two and a half days to an eager and gracious audience.  It was heavenly.  Below is just a tiny bit of what I was able to capture.  My pictures truly do not do the affair justice. 

My Work

"Spotted Quarter Horse"
Ink and brush on watercolor paper
36 x 43

Ink and brush on watercolor paper
34 x 46

Opening Gala

Entrance to the Gala

Live music at the outside entrance

Sculpture at entrance by Don Rambadt

Second level 

Art lovers at Gala

Live music on lower level

Live birds in auditorium

Back entrance of the Thomasville Center for the Arts

Lunch out on the grounds

Live music for the lunch crowd

JUST a Few of My Favorite PWAF Artists

"Vintage Boots" by Amanda Vick Roach  ~  x


The crew that made this wonderful event possible!

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